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A Spaghetti Moment can be an emotion, a momentary lapse in brain capacity, a moment in your life where things don't fall into place, or when a million choices are presented to you and you have to choose RIGHT NOW even though you don't know what you want. All of us newly minted adults have had many a Spaghetti Moment. With so many paths open to you and so many decisions to make, how do you make the right choice. We've all been through a Spaghetti Moment at some point in our lives and it is time to say, "It's okay to be confused." This is just a Spaghetti Moment in life with great things yet to come. And hopefully, there is something on this blog will help you with your own Spaghetti Moment.


Chef Amy

Amy is a student, writer, and a dreamer. Her problem was that she didn't know what to dream about. It was hard for Amy to choose the right path. She started studying science because it seemed practical but became incredibly unhappy wishing for creative projects instead of memorizing formulas and solving equations. If there is one thing that got Amy through it was her dog (everyone should have a dog). The next year she tried a whole bunch of things and discovered that, no matter how difficult, she would pursue what she loves to do and go from there. So far it lead her to create A Spaghetti Moment, a blog about sharing the confusing time when we all must figure out what it means to be an adult and which path is the one into our future. Chef Amy is ready to serve you up a nice helping of Spaghetti Moments (because if you can't have a dog, you can at least have this blog).

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