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What is A Spaghetti Moment?

A Spaghetti Moment can be an emotion, a lapse in brain capacity, a moment in your life where things don't fall into place, or a time when a million choices are presented to you and you have to choose even though you don't know what you want. All of us newly minted adults have many Spaghetti Moments. With so many paths open to you and so many decisions to make, how do you make the right choice? Well, it is time to say, "It's okay to be confused," because this is just a Spaghetti Moment in life with great things yet to come. Hopefully, something on this blog will help you with your own Spaghetti Moment. Check out some of our blog posts below!

Hello & Welcome

to A Spaghetti


Hello Reader! Here is a welcome letter to you with a bit about me, why I started A Spaghetti Moment, and why you should read it.

10 Steps To Help You Write When You Don't Want To

No matter the subject, there are always times when we feel we can't write or don't want to. These 10 steps have helped many write the paper they have put off doing.

Edit to a Better Grade

Turn your word vomit first draft into an essay worth handing in. Here are some things to look for while editing that will help your argument shine.


Chef Amy

About the Blogger

Amy is a student, writer, and a dreamer. Her problem was that she didn't know what to dream about. It was hard to choose the right path. She started in science but wished for creative projects instead of memorizing formulas. Sp Amy tried a whole bunch of things and discovered that, no matter how difficult, she would pursue what she loves to do and go from there. So far it lead her to create A Spaghetti Moment to share about the confusing time when we must figure out how to be an adult and what path to take. Chef Amy is ready to serve you up a nice helping of Spaghetti Moments.

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