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Sayings That Got Me Through

Words have power. Sometimes the right words at the right time can get me through my biggest challenges. Here are some of the words that helped me up until now. Hopefully, I’ll continue to add to this list as I find more sayings that get me through.

Make Room For Happiness

I was reading a page a night of Lin Manuel Miranda’s Gmorning Gnight! Little Pep Talks for Me & You and it was surprising how many of his twitter verses helped me. One that stayed with me was a page that said, among other things, “make room for happiness.” I liked the physical aspects of the phrase. It was like my life was a messy garage and if I made room in my messy garage for happiness then happiness would be more likely to come in. I put it into practice the next day and despite a parking battle, being late for class, and a huge load of homework, I was able to enjoy the cold sunshine and the moments with my dog even more.


There Is No Control

This phrase came to me in the form of a mindfulness card. When I found it, I was in the process of applying to Grad School. A lot of things kept going through my head like the difficulty I had securing summer jobs, how someone was going to judge me and determine my whole future based solely on this application. Terrifying. When that card came up, I clung to that phrase and even shouted it out loud to myself and my family. Despite having control over some parts of the Grad School application, there was this unknown that I couldn’t control. Believing that “there is no control” helped take the pressure off so I could finish my application.


There Is No Writing Only Rewriting


I’ve mentioned this one before in my 10 Steps To Help You Write When You Don’t Want To post but it was a revelation for me. I heard this phrase from a professional writer during a writing course and for some reason it shifted my understanding of how to write. These words help me push past the self-judgement and get my thoughts down so I can get some writing done. It doesn’t work all the time, but it definitely helps.


You Can Say No 

In a job interview, a question came up about balancing multiple tasks with deadlines and I answered by talking about how I would prioritize each task, make lists, and schedule my time to get it all done. When I finished the interviewer said, “You know, you can say no.” I couldn’t believe I didn’t think of that. Saying no never crossed my mind. Of course I can say no when I have too much on my plate whether at work or in regular everyday life. But for some reason, in that moment, I needed the interviewer’s permission to even think that way. I’ve never forgotten that lesson and remembering that I can say no has helped me many times. And if you, like me, need permission to start saying no when you’re overwhelmed, you have mine.



If You’re Going To Procrastinate You Might As Well Do Something Fun

I, like many people, was prone to staring at walls when I didn’t want to do work. One day my mom was fed up with it and told me, “If you’re going to procrastinate, you might as well do something fun.” I quote it all the time because it’s true. It has shaped the way I work. For example, I know that I am not going to homework first thing in the morning even though I might want to. So instead of staring at a screen or the wall, I use that time to drink my tea, cuddle my dog, and go through my social media. Then when I feel like I’m ready to start work (and sometimes it’s when I feel like I really should start working) I pick up my computer and I get to work. Yes, I wasted time but I usually am more productive when I take that procrastinating time and I am less likely to stop working and stare at the wall.


Just This

This phrase came from another mindfulness card but it was the words alone that helped me. Repeating them while I tried to fall asleep calmed my mind down. It was a new way of reminding myself to stay focused on the task at hand, but it was simple and nice to say and think. Try it: Just this…  just this…  just this…  just this…  just this…

 — Chef Amy

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